Das – Certification

The Challenge

Established in 1998, DAS certification are one of the leading global providers of certification services, operating in over 40 countries. DAS contacted RTS with an enquiry relating to internet connectivity and telephony services for the UK office, after having several internet outages that impacted the business. Michelle Underwood of DAS recalls “Our business is heavily focused on viewing and reviewing documents from our customers, having internet outages impacted the business tremendously. Not being able to respond the customers in a timely manner resulted in poor customer service and a poor representation of the business”. In addition to this, the analogue telephone system didn’t have the ability to transfer calls, identity which business units callers where trying to reach.

DAS - Retail Technology Services

The solution

After an initial meeting with RTS, our Ideal Comms and VoIP Everywhere solutions were proposed. Ideal Comms is a resilient internet solution with connections from 2 different providers, ensuring that in the event of a single provider having an outage, the service will continue to operate. VoiP everywhere is a fully featured cloud telephony platform, built for small and medium businesses that require advanced functions and resilience but without the significant costs to setup and run on premise telephone services. DAS gave all of their users a Yealink Desk phone, allowing them to transfer calls, access voicemail, conduct conference calls and a host of other enterprise features. In addition, RTS have implemented an IVR (Integrated Voice Response) auto attendant solution. This directs inbound calls to the correct user, with a welcome message. RTS worked with DAS to define call routes, times for the calls to route to voicemail, such as outside of office hours, and trained users on the day to day operation. Once the scope of the solution was agreed, Ideal Comms was the first to be implemented, and as the office was undergoing a refurbishment at the time, the decision was taken for RTS to also install CAT5 cabling throughout. Once the new network and internet connectivity was in place, the new VoIP Everywhere system was installed, using a phased approach to ensure that the impact to the business was minimal. RTS met with DAS to understand what features would bring business benefits, configured and tested these off site and then installed them alongside the existing system. This ensured that the DAS staff had time to test and understand the new features before the switch over.

The result

DAS have seen a huge improvement in the stability of the internet connection and have reaped the benefits of the new telephony platform as well as seeing a reduction in overall costs. Michelle commented “The only internet outage that we have seen since the new system was installed was caused by a local power outage, the RTS help-desk was in contact within 10 minutes to see what the issue was. Overall the installation was smooth and the support since first class.”

The summary

The combination of RTS Ideal Comms and VoIP Everywhere have given DAS a resilient internet connection and enterprise telephony features that have made their business more efficient and improved customer service. All at a lower costs than those of their previous solution. If you would like to know more about how our innovative solutions can help your business become more resilient, improve effi ciency and reduce costs, then contact us today.

Why VoIP everywhere

Simple to deploy – In most cases we can deploy VoIP Everywhere to your business – quickly, and with minimal fuss – we do all the number transfers including liaising with your current provider.

Enterprise features – VoIP Everywhere has all the features you need at a faction of the costs of other providers.

Cost – VoIP Everywhere gives you a single per month cost that is predictable and reduces the load on in house staff .

Multi Site – VoIP Everywhere works flawlessly when you have multiple sites or remote users, the system acts as a single entity with free calls between sites

Flexibility – Add new site and change users, or change business hours within minutes not days.