Comprehensive IT Refresh Resulting in a 90% Reduction in System Downtime

“RTS worked with us to understand the requirements of the business and recommend a solution that met our needs as well as being within budget. The implementation was completed smoothly, and we now have the peace of mind knowing that we have the knowledge of the RTS service desk available when we need them. It’s like having a dedicated IT manager but at a fraction of the cost.”

Simon Murray, Director

RTS recently undertook a significant IT refresh project for murraYoung, a dynamic company seeking to modernise its technological infrastructure. The project encompassed a complete update of murraYoung’s IT equipment and services, including laptops, WiFi, internet connectivity, server consolidation, and the implementation of a robust remote support system. The business had been working on desktop-based computers which limited the ability for remote working and mobility in general.

murraYoung, an accounting practice based in Luton, Bedfordshire established in 1997, recognised the need to overhaul its outdated IT systems to maintain competitive advantage.

With a growing workforce and an increasing reliance on digital processes, the existing infrastructure was no longer sufficient and was resulting in outages, reducing productivity. RTS was selected for this project due to our expertise in delivering comprehensive IT solutions and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

The primary challenges faced during this project included:

  • Ensuring minimal disruption to murraYoung’s daily operations.
  • Integrating new hardware and software seamlessly with existing systems.
  • Providing a scalable solution to accommodate future growth.
  • Implementing a remote support structure to provide immediate assistance regardless of location.

To address these challenges, RTS provided the following solutions:

Hardware refresh: RTS supplied Dell and dual monitor setups for each workstation equipped with the latest processors, ample storage, and advanced security features to enhance productivity and safeguard company data.

RTS Everywhere: Modern Workplace: Based on the Microsoft 365 suite of products, Modern Workplace allows management of all endpoints in the murraYoung tenant, in the event of new hardware being needed for new starters or hardware replacement, fully automated hardware builds and management can be completed remotely.

Voice Over IP Telephony: VoIP phones were implemented across the business with advanced features such as virtual receptionist, call transfers and voicemail, as well as reducing costs in comparison to the system replaced.

WiFi Enhancement: Our team installed a high-speed, reliable WiFi network to ensure consistent connectivity throughout murraYoung’s premises.

Internet Connectivity: We upgraded the internet infrastructure to a 100/100Mbps DIA (Direct Internet Access) connection, drastically increasing bandwidth and reducing latency.

Server Consolidation: The removal of physical servers was achieved by transitioning to cloud-based solutions, resulting in cost savings and improved data accessibility.

Remote Support: A dedicated remote support system was established, enabling RTS to provide instant troubleshooting and maintenance, ensuring business continuity. murraYoung is provided with support from our Service Desk from 8AM-11PM,  7 days a week.

The IT refresh project was a resounding success, marked by the following outcomes:

  • Enhanced operational efficiency and employee productivity.
  • A 90% reduction in system downtime.
  • Improved data security and disaster recovery capabilities.
  • A scalable IT environment ready for murraYoung’s projected growth.
  • High satisfaction rates reported by murraYoung employees.

Overall, the project with murraYoung and RTS has streamlined their IT and allowed employees to work from any location knowing that they have a fully-fledged support service and are able to log into devices to troubleshoot and assist staff with issues.

murraYoung’s technological capabilities has also positioned the company for future innovation and success.

RTS Everywhere: Modern Workplace

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RTS Everywhere: VoIP

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RTS Everywhere: Connect

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