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“RTS WiFi Marketing has helped increase our opt in rate from around 20% to 67% of all guests that authenticate to the EL&N Guest WiFi opt-in to marketing content.”

EL&N Cafe and RTS began working together in 2018 with the Marketplace EL&N site.

EL&N contacted RTS regarding connectivity to this site and the relationship began from there. In the years since that initial contact RTS now support 11 EL&N sites across London and the UK with robust internet provision, internal networks and Guest WiFi.

EL&N founder Alexandra Miller has over ten years of experience in the world of luxury fashion. In 2017, driven by her passion for healthy living she wanted to open a fashion led food and drink destination with a focus on delicacies that were not only stunning but delicious too.

That same year, EL&N opened their first cafe destination in the heart of Mayfair, Park Lane.

Fast forward to today, after many more successful site openings across London, EL&N has become one of the most Instagrammable destinations in the world, with iconic flower walls, pink interiors and alternative lattes taking social media by storm.

The EL&N brand embodies creativity, style and optimism. Their dedicated team of baristas, chefs, marketeers, and industry experts work together to bring the EL&N vision to life.

EL&N had a vision to provide excellent connectivity to guests. 

When people visit an EL&N cafe they want to share the stunning visual experience on social media. With the high-resolution cameras used by modern smartphones, excellent connectivity was required and with the focus on guests posting to social media, speed to upload needed to be fast.

In addition, EL&N were keen to capture information about visiting guests, to both drive traffic to the EL&N online retail store and allow guests to sign up to monthly marketing newsletters. 

This process had to be smooth and un-intrusive to the users to ensure that a high buy in rate was achieved.

To provide the best possible service to customers RTS provided EL&N with DIA (Direct Internet Access) connections to each site.

These high performance connections mean that guests benefit from super-fast download and crucially, upload speeds ensuring that users have enough bandwidth for high resolution social media photos and videos.

RTS provide a fully managed network, using Ruckus Access points to provide excellent wireless coverage across all sites, and the ability for RTS to remotely monitor and support any issues via our Service Desk. 

The RTS Service Desk is open from 8am to 11pm, 7 days week in line with the opening times of EL&N and the hospitality sector.

RTS partner with Fydelia to provide guest authentication to WiFi – this allows guests to register on the network and provides EL&N with valuable data about site footfall, customer demographics and contact details for guests. These contact details are automatically sent to the EL&N Mailchimp, allowing highly effective email marketing campaigns to be run with minimum fuss. 

Over the course of the deployment, RTS, EL&N and Fydelia worked hand in hand to tailor the messaging and questions across the authentication forms to ensure the highest possible opt in rates. 

EL&N have a very clearly defined brand and all parties worked to ensure that brand guidelines were adhered to.

This resulted in an increase in the opt in rate from around 20% to 67% of all guests that authenticate to the EL&N Guest WiFi opt-in to marketing content.

By working with RTS, many EL&N customers get a fast reliable internet service and EL&N build a marketing database allowing marketing to EL&N’s loyal following.

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