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Future-proof your connectivity with Full-fibre broadband

As hospitality business in the post COVID era are using more online ordering, table service and touch free apps the need for a stable internet connection is all the more important.

It’s time to level up

Full-fibre broadband is the next generation of internet connectivity. It’s by far the quickest broadband yet, and it’s also more reliable and resilient, meaning you’re less likely to suffer dropouts or downtime. Allow customers to use Ultra-Fast guest Wi-Fi while your staff still get rock solid access to the ordering and payment system you need to run your business.

We’ve partnered with BT Wholesale to bring you game-changing Full-fibre broadband.

  • Choose from a wide range of ultrafast speeds to suit your needs and budget, up to a maximum of 1Gb

  • Get Full-fibre benefits without the extra cost of dedicated bandwidth

  • Exploit the latest digital tools and services without slowing day-to-day operations

  • Future-proof your connectivity and make the most of the next generation of online apps

We’ll implement and support your Full-fibre broadband solution, Guest Wi-Fi, site networks and telephony systems, all from a BT Wholesale Premium partner with 20 years’ experience in the hospitality industry.

Add Value with Analytics

Guest Wi-Fi gives insights into your customers behaviours across your sites, with detail information on the breakdown of age and gender, busy and slack times, how long customers stay, new customers vs returning and other metrics to plan and tailor your business.

Our platforms allow direct engagement with customers sending a birthday message on the day with a related birthday offer, or an message to customer in the hotel bar for a free starter to drive business to the restaurant.

A simple example of this is – customer is in your hotel bar, send them a message for a free starter and drive business to your restaurant.

RTS – 20 years expertise in the hospitality market.

RTS have been providing IT solutions to leading hospitality business in the UK for 20 years, providing communications, telephony, and networks across the UK. Partnering with the leading technology providers in the industry we provide solution from small single site operations to national operators with hundreds of sites.

Some of areas that we help or hospitality customers

Hosting - Retail Technology Services


RTS host mission critical finance and EPOS centralised systems for our customers in our secure resilient environment.

Networks - Retail Technology Services


Our customer’s range from small boutique café chains to national high street chains. We provide the backbone for the communication that keep them trading. Everyday our networks handle terabytes of data to service or customers’ needs, carrying payment information, sales reports, and guest Wi-Fi traffic all secure and compliant with PCI, GDPR and other regulations.

Telephone - Retail Technology Services


With experience in using VoIP technology to improve efficiency and reduce costs, we provide innovative solutions for multi-site business, allowing calls to be routed based on rules, times and staff availability, from a single site to large central booking services.

WiFi - Retail Technology Services

Guest WiFi and analytic solutions

We run guest WiFi networks that authenticate millions of users, giving a welcome free Wi-Fi service to guest visiting sites, and data that our customers use for marketing, and to analyse guest trends.

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Our Partners

Citrix Partner - Retail Technology Services
Silver Partner - Retail Technology Services
Cisco Partner - Retail Technology Services
Juniper - Retail Technology Services
Commscope - Retail Technology Services
ISO Accreditation - Retail Technology Services