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We host cloud-based VoIP platforms for customers with thousands of extensions across multiple locations, as well as single site customers. The cost saving and increased functionality that VoIP gives, benefits customers of all sizes.

RTS Hosted VoIP services typically save customers using traditional phones systems 50-60% on ongoing costs, and being hosted there are very little upfront costs, or in some cases none.  Calls between offices are free and call rates are vastly reduced.

As a cloud-based solution, users can access all the advanced features from any location, in the office or out. All that is needed is a stable internet connection. Upgrades are automatic, meaning you always have the latest features and security; maintenance is a thing of the past.

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VoIP benefits

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What is VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol – or VoIP for short, is a phone service over your internet connection. This means that traditional analogue lines are no longer needed.

Why use VoIP

The two main reasons for using VoIP are reducing costs and increasing functionality. The costs are reduced as the same network is used for both voice and data, VoIP providers aggregate calls across the network and the savings are passed onto the end customer. VoIP also allows increased functionality, such as being able to use your number everywhere you have an internet connection – as our VoIP everywhere suggests. Features such as automated call routing are much easier to achieve with VoIP too.

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With the shift to VoIP from traditional telephony happening in businesses worldwide now is the time to take advantage.

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