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One of the most significant advances of recent years, Video Surveillance technology has revolutionised the CCTV market, doing away with the need for outdated analogue cameras, custom cabling and complex monitoring equipment. Using IP it becomes possible, instead, to build systems based on affordable network cameras designed to transmit digital video over ordinary wired and wireless networks back to easy to use monitoring and recording software run on industry-standard platforms.

Old analogue CCTV systems can be integrated into a fully managed platform, therefore, getting the maximum investment in your existing CCTV solution, but bringing the latest features and benefits to you.

  • Easy access to real-time and recorded data from any location.
  • Motion detection – with automated emailing of video.
  • Smartphone and mobile devices alerting and viewing capabilities
  • High Definition video streams
  • People and Vehicle counting solution
CCTV Camera Installation - Retail Technology Services
CCTV Camera - Retail Technology Services


RTS provides a full range of cameras, from standard fixed cameras to high definition PTZ cameras with motion detection and night time capability.

Remote Monitoring - Retail Technology Services

Remote monitoring

Our management platform gives full access to remote sites for both real-time viewing and downloading of recorded data.

Video Analysis - Retail Technology Services

Video analytics

Movement detection, alerting, record on event, people counting and vehicle counting can all be deployed with an IP CCTV system.

Support - Retail Technology Services


The core infrastructure is fully managed and proactively supported, our helpdesk is available from 8AM to 11PM 7 days a week.

Our management platform records all of the high-resolution data locally to a network-attached device for real-time viewing of camera feeds and easy management of recordings. These can be locally archived, copied or emailed if required for evidence. Remote locations such as head offices can also have access based on a hierarchical structure – an area manager will be able to view real-time feeds and recording from all of the sites within their area. Security employees will have access to all cameras from all areas. With access to real-time and recorded data, managers can check on the day to day operations of even remote sites and download still images or video within seconds.

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