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Line Installations & Management

Your comms in our care

As an OfCom accredited Communications Provider (CP), we can supply line installations (PSTN, ISDN or fixed links) and call packages to your business. We also provide broadband connections at the same time, reducing the lead time for new services – sometimes as little as seven days from order. Lines can be provided with outgoing calls barred (OCB) if required so that the line is solely for broadband use, or limited to specified types of calls.

We understand the difficulties that can often occur when multiple suppliers manage an installation. We take a proactive approach and fully handle the project management so you don’t have to. We engage all members of your team pre, during and post installation so everyone on and offsite is fully briefed regardless of shift changes. Our experienced team of engineers will ensure your installation is as seamless as possible and meets your deadline, their support is also available from 8-11am six days a week.

We can also take over existing lines and provide advanced reporting and billing options including identification of exceptional call traffic within 24 hours, so you can take immediate action and save unnecessary billing charges.

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