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Choose the Wi-Fi that works for you

With the help of our centrally managed networks, you can combine secure wireless services for your business with public guest or private Wi-Fi.

Public guest Wi-Fi: Allows you to capture and track a variety of customer details for marketing purposes. Portal and walled garden options give you the option to promote your business and display loyalty offers and promotions to returning users.

Private Wi-Fi: This works independently to your guest Wi-Fi at a network level. Private Wi-Fi is secure and designed for corporate use, so that you can access your website from wherever you are, safe in the knowledge that your own network is completely protected. What’s more, private Wi-Fi can track the online movements of your business/staff users and their duration online.

The advanced access points we typically use for these installations provide extremely high levels of coverage, while the central control allows users to be intelligently tracked and dynamically redistributed to the access point which offers them the best signal, unlike other stand-alone systems where the signal just gets progressively weaker until it’s lost completely.

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