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Managed Desktops

Managing Desktops in-house can be time consuming. With software application updates and antivirus updates at minimal, your working day soon vanishes when you have multiple machines to manage. Let us save you time by managing your desktops for you.

Using our Citrix Service Provider status, we can manage your desktop services and applications remotely. With our powerful multi-core servers, we can centrally host desktop environments across your machines, so every user has access to the same data without the need to store it on individual PCs. Not only does this save the amount of memory on each PC, it allows every machine to benefit from RAID storage and regular backups. It can even save you money on hardware, as older PCs (5 years+) can also be updated with the latest applications.

And that’s not all, the same desktop can also be installed across your mobile devices, both Apple and Android, in a simple transition. So, you can prepare your presentation at your desk, pick up your tablet and step straight into the boardroom to present.

If space is limited or if you use hot desks, we can also provide thin client machines as an alternative to PCs. So, should a user machine fail you can take a spare from a cupboard and continue without any loss of data.

You may wish to keep your current desktop but have certain applications controlled centrally. We’ll simply install the application once centrally and publish the access across multiple machines. So all users will have a consistent experience and application update time is dramatically reduced.

We can also provide remote access from outside your network via secure SSL gateways with individual user logins.

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